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Are there any large strollers with adjustable leg-rest, one-handed fold, and an upright seat?

Morgan • 16 Sep 2023

Hi Eli!

Are there any large (either full-size or jogger) strollers with adjustable leg-rest, a one-handed fold, AND a reasonably upright seat?

Eli • 17 Sep 2023

Heyya, Morgan,

With the joggers, you will always have a bit less upright seat. It is given by their design and the seat baing slung from the frame, which is a good thing as the seat also becomes more spacious as well as absorbs bumps. I personally think Thules are very slanted though Baby Joggers, even if not 100% upright, are very much doable. Also, the TFK strollers are very nicely designed and have VERY comfortable seats. Their reversible carrycot-to-seat parts are the more upright choice, even. That being said, the Baby Joggers are probably the better options as they fold one-handedly while the TFKs don't.

One of the most upright jogger-like models with a one-hand fold would definitely be the Peg-Pérego Book Cross.

About the full-sized strollers, the reversible ones often have a more upright seat as well as an adjustable leg rest, however only the smaller usually have a one-hand fold with the seat attached (Cybex Priam or Cybex Mios being a nice example of that, and both have a reasonably upright seat as well). Also check other - 4-wheeeled Peg-Pérego Book series strollers for a more upright, one-hand-folding full-featured models.

Your -very berry- Eli.

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