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An ultracompact for everyday use - the leclerc Magicfold or the Anex Air-X?

Monica • 17 Mar 2023


Can you tell me what should I choose between the ultracompact strollers leclerc Magic Fold and Anex Air X? I would like to use it as the main stroller, the baby has 8 months.. Thank you.

Eli • 17 Mar 2023

Hi, Monica,

When deciding, please bear in mind both of these are travel and occasional use only, and they were never meant to be used as the main, longer-hours everyday strollers. They will rattle and feel looser, the seat will be smaller and more slanted, and the whole just won't be - by far - as comfortable as if you had a tad lager pushchair.

Having said that, I personally would probably go with the Anex if you really are going to choose just from these two. It has a thicker bar in the rear, meaning a bit less wobble over time. The leclerc is not bad per se, but the seat is smaller and the bar less thick...

Your -very berry- Eli.

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