leclerc Magicfold Plus
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leclerc Magicfold Plus

The auto-folding travel-in-style buggy

The leclerc Magicfold Plus is a lightweight ultracompact boasting an ultra-simple, 'magical' folding system that only needs activating a button on the handlebar, and the stroller will fold by itself. More of the Magicfold's unique features would include the 100% PU rubber wheels with individual suspension, 600D waterproof hood with UPF50+, or the magnetic 5-point-harness buckle.

The seat's backrest reclines thanks to a lever, and in three-positions, the leg rest is individually adjustable. You can use the seat practically from birth - it's equipped with a rear safety net. The optional footmuff/cocoon, full-size carrycot with adapters, or a Maxi-Cosi attachment-type car seat with separate adapters are also newborn options to go for with a small baby. Various accessories to opt for are also available - there's the usual cup holder or rain cover, but twin connectors to connect two Magicfolds to make a double buggy are also one of the choices.

leclerc Magicfold Plus Features & Specifications

The Basics

Pushchair (seat and chassis only), 2in1 stroller system, 3in1 stroller system
Stroller weight
6.6 kg
Unfolded dimensions (h×w×l)
101.5 cm x 47 cm x 61 cm
Folded dimensions (h×w×l)
56 cm x 47 cm x 24 cm
Chassis material
Country of origin
Stroller available as a pushchair (seat unit configuration) only; newborn accessories (like a carrycot) need to be purchased separately

The Seat unit

Maximum weight capacity - seat load
22 kg
Recommended age range (best to use with a child of)
0-36 months
Reversible seat unit
Easy-release memory button(s) on the seat or the carrycot
L-shaped, bucket-type seat unit
Reclining backrest
Yes, 3 positions
Full-recline backrest (a bigger-than-a-150-degree-angle to a lie-flat)
Backrest recline type
Rear-located recline mechanism (e.g., lever-operated)
One-hand backrest recline system
Extendable backrest
Legrest positioning
Yes, 2 positions
Extendable leg rest
Wipe-clean layer on the leg rest
Backrest height
46 cm
Width and depth of the sitting surface
32 x ? cm
Total length of the seat unit
85 cm
A higher seat unit's position on the chassis
Height-adjustable seat
Seat unit's proper attachment indicator
2in1 convertible carrycot/seat unit (pramette travel system)
Fabrics removable for cleaning
Seat fabrics cleaning
Wipe-clean only
Safety harness type
Harness padding
Height-adjustable harness belts
Ventilation integrated into the seat
Second seat can be attached (single-to-double convertibility)

The Canopy (Hood)

Seat unit equipped with a canopy/hood
Extendable canopy/hood
The canopy/hood features a sun visor
Floating, follow-the-sun canopy
Height-adjustable canopy
Removable canopy
Waterproof canopy
UV protection in the (canopy) fabrics
Ventilation integrated into the canopy
A pocket integrated into the canopy
Peek-a-boo viewing window present on the canopy
Peek-a-boo window can be closed/covered
Quiet (magnetic/no velcro) peek-a-boo window
Reinforcing side clasps present on the canopy

The Bumper bar

Bumper bar
Bumper bar type (style)
Removable bumper bar
Gate-opening (swing-away) bumper bar
Height-adjustable bumper bar
Bumper bar features a fabric (non-wipe-clean) cover
Bumper bar features an extra crotch strap

The Wheels

Number of wheels
Front wheel(s) type
Rubber-coated wheels
Rear wheels type
Rubber-coated wheels
Front wheels diameter
13.5 cm
Rear wheels diameter
14.5 cm
Swivel wheels
Lockable wheels
Removable wheels
All wheels are double wheels
All-terrain version of wheels available to purchase separately
Wheels equipped with mudguards
Two-wheel mode

The Suspension

Wheels with suspension
Suspension type
Mechanical (internal spring-loaded mechanism)
Adjustable suspension softness
Rocking chassis

The Brake

Central brake system/type
One-step rocker pedal (flip-flop friendly)
Deceleration handbrake

The Fold

Folding system
Flat (compact) fold
One-hand fold
Plane-travel-friendly stroller with an ultra-compact fold (suitable as carry-on luggage)
Folds with the (forward-facing) seat attached
Folds with the rearward-facing seat attached
Self-standing fold
Auto-lock feature of the folded chassis
Folded stroller can be pulled behind like luggage
Stroller folds and/or unfolds by itself
Equipped with a carry strap/carry handle
Outward fold (the seat fabrics are on the outside after folding)

The Handlebar

Handle height adjustment
Handlebar material
Leatherette (PU/eco-leather)
Handlebar height
101.5 cm
Reversible handlebar (handle can be flipped to the other side)
Safety wrist strap

The Basket

Shopping basket
Large shopping basket
Basket's weight capacity
3 kg
Closable basket
A pocket integrated into the seat/elsewhere on the stroller frame

The Carrycot

Carrycot compatible
Yes (with adapters)
Carry handle on the carrycot
Inclining carrycot mattress
Foldable carrycot
Rocking-base carrycot
Ventilatilated carrycot base (bottom ventilation system)
Carrycot installable in the car instead of a group 0+ car seat (Auto carrycot)
Carrycot positioned high on the frame

The Car seat

Car seat compatible
Yes (with adapters)
Car seat sold separately
Maxi-Cosi/Cybex car seat attachment-type adapters available
Britax Römer car seat attachment-type adapters available

The Accessories & Extra features

Parent tray/organizer on the handlebar (included)
Cup holder can be attached
Reflective elements
No pushchair mode/seat-unit configuration available
Rain cover included
Mosquito net included
Leg cover (apron) included with the seat unit
Seat liner/insert included
Changing bag included
Carry bag/transport cover for the folded stroller included
LED light(s)
Built-in audio speakers
A storage/bag can be attached instead of a seat

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I am searching for a good stroller at a mid-range price point. I am going to travel next week, and I am in urgent need to buy a travel stroller. Based on my search, the leclerc magic fold is the best suitable compared to Yoyo2 or Bugaboo.

However, I read from your blog post that it's not that suitable for a 2.6 years old toddler based on the back seating.

Thanks deeply for your constant reviews.


Hiya, Fchooka,

Well, the backrest is not the highest, no. I personally would rather go for an Ergobaby Metro+ or a Recaro Lexa if searching for something for a larger kid. You can also check pre-owned Joolz Aers as those have a very tall seatback.

Ig your kid is not too large, however, he or she will be able to use the Magicfold Plus for at least a few months, even if a bit tight-ish in the seat.

.eli - 26 Oct 2022

Hello, I am looking for a cabin approved stroller for my 3 month old that does not need any additional attachments. I have seen on some websites that the magic fold is suitable from birth up, is this true without the bassinet, or would you recommend another stroller?

Flying for the first time with baby so want to get it right :)

Thank you so much!

Hi, Selina,

A 3-month-old is alwas a bit too small and a bit too lost in a seat, so you might get ready to need a bit more in your stroller, at least a reduction insert/a well-padded liner - or ideally, a cocoon of sorts to help your little one feel cozy, not too open. About the Magicfold, it is not a bad option - it does recline deep, so a baby can go inside, yes, and it is compact for traveling.

My personal suggestion would also be the Ergobaby Metro+ which is more padded and a bit comfier for little babies because of that.

.eli - 02 Aug 2022


I just want to ask about the different positions of the seat between the 3 Leclerc types. Does leclerc Influencer seat lay down more than MF plus?

Because I noticed that some of the shops said that Leclerc Influence suitable for 0 month while MF plus suitable from 6 months +. So is there any difference in the sleeping position degrees?

Hi, Shaima,

No, there is no such difference. I believe the shop wanted to sell you the more expensive kind, or even the manufacturer set up the specs so that they will make you go for the higher model, however, the strollers are pretty much the same in terms of features and also the seatback recline. I would, however, not really recommend it for a newborn even with the full recline, as this is an occasional - ultracopmpact stroller (read more HERE with just a bit of suspension and padding, not really made for everyday full day use (just for traveling, around shops, etc.).

So, the recline is the same, basically, perhaps a tiny influence in padding and its stitching, but that won't make a difference much.

.eli - 27 Jun 2022

I have read in some reviews that the seat is not comfy and that babies keep leaning towards the sides. Is this accurate? Are all the seat positions comfortable with enough support?

Hi there,

Well, you are right, the seat is definitely on the slanted side, as most ultracompact seats are. It is a price to pay for the very very small folded size, along with other small discomforts (read more about ultra compacts and their non-suitability for everyday regular use here). For occasional use, it is just fine, and there are of course better strollers in terms of the upright seat, but I would not put a small baby in this stroller for many hours a day every day, nor would I use it with a baby that did not sit up by itself yet.

.eli - 08 Jun 2022

Hello, what is your opinion about Mast m2?

Could you compare it with Ergobaby Metro+ and Recaro Lexa (baby comfort, material etc)?

Thank you so much!


I'll start with the newest Lxa, which it will be hard to judge to, as it is truly very very new. Based on the other Recaro buggies, however, I am pretty sure it will be very nice in terms of materials = very nice comfort for the little one, but the small wheels will be a bit of a rattle on any bumps. I especially like the more upright seat on the Lexa, the taller seatback, and he overall fabrics hat recaro uses, so if you don't really need something for any terrain (which will be a problem with all the three, as these are ultracompacts), it seems to me like a very nice option.

Compared with the Mast M.2, a friend of mine actually has it, and even if she was super excited about it at first, she ended up not liking the instability of it, and the overall manipulation. So I cannot say it is bad per se, but I would say the Recaro seems like a better bet.

And the Metro+ – a superbly padded stroller really thinking of the smallest babies. Also not a terrain beast, it may rate a bit on bumps, but the seat is comfy and on the more spacious side, at least as much as ultra-compacts are concerned. I like a lot about the stroller, the chunkier wheels in particular, but it is a bit more slanted, and the canopy is large (which is great). but kind of shaky (which is a downside of sorts).

I would be deciding between the Metro Plus and the Lexa here, the Lexa being interesting as a new model, but probably hard to check out and try beforehand. Go, most probably, with your heart, which design you like more, which seems more suitable to your needs, and of course to the age of the baby.

.eli - 02 May 2022

What are the key differences between the MF Plus and Influencer?

Hi, Shomila,

leclerc actually toot their one model, Magicfold Plus, and "re-did" it into three pretty much same buggies with just design elements that changed – the MF Plus, which is the basic one (and truly pretty much the same model perhaps in new colors), the Influencer, which is, again, the same pushchair. The Influencer offers new colors and fancier finishes, ie. the metallic-colored chassis. Then here are the partly-breathable fabrics, the colorful leatherette handle and the bumper bar finish, and new accessories to buy extra.

So if only looking at the features of this ultracompact stroller, you can go for either one as they will serve you pretty much the same.

.eli - 29 Apr 2022

Hi, could you compare these strollers with Elodie Details Mondo? I need a compact stroller for traveling and shopping (with 10 months baby girl, occasionally sleeping there)? Thank you!

Hiya, Adela,

Well the basic difference, apart from the autofold function of the leclerc, is the seat shape and size. The Mondo has a much longer seat and seatback that is not framed by such a rim as the Magicfold's is, meaning is will last longer and will e more spacious for your child for longer. Also, the Elodie Mondo has a much larger canopy, and the materials are fairly luxurious, while the leclerc is the simpler of the two.

I personally would definitely go for the Mondo as it not only looks good but the quality feels higher and the room in the seat is also worth going for, long-term. I would only pick the leclerc if the auto-folding function would feel absolutely necessary for you.

.eli - 09 Apr 2022

Hi, I have questions about the Leclerc Bassinet. Can you wash the lining of the bassinet in the washing machine? It's easily removable via zips but I don't see any specific washing instructions.


Hey there!

Yes, any carrycot inside is pretty much machine washable. Stroller and carrycot cleaning instructions should be in the manual that is normally included with the stroller or the bassinet, but even if you don't have those, I can tell you that you can put the lining in the washing machine AS LONG AS it's on the mildest cycle and you DON'T USE ANY FABRIC SOFTENER - just a baby-friendly or any gentle detergent.

.eli - 18 Dec 2021


Firstly, thank you for your work here on strollberry. Love it!

I was wondering how Leclerc Magicfold would compare to Chicco Goody stroller, in terms of durability, quality and comfort; considering both are autofold and compact strollers.


Hello, Hiba!

Thank you for your praise, I appreciate it greatly!

About these two strollers, the leclerc Magicfold Plus and the Chicco Goody, now.

The durability, at least in the auto-fold area, is very similar. I mean, it uses quite the same systems and mechanics, which, as every more complicated system, means an advantage as well as a weakness in terms of complexity. Also, the frames alone are similarly durable as they are SMALL, not the sturdiest in the world, but OK made in general. There will not be that much of a difference in the chassis and the fold, longevity-wise, BUT I see a difference in the wheel area, where the Chicco Goody stroller's wheels feel a bit sturdier, better made.

So, the quality is, in my opinion, very comparable, with the Chicco Goody surprising me in the way of rather well-made finishes and center of gravity. It feels of better quality in terms of wheels, basket, and central joint mostly, but there are weaker points (like the canopy) that are better made on the leclerc Magicfold.

Comfort-wise, I see two advantages of the Cdicco Goody I would start with. First is the seat back. The backrest of the leclerc just feels a bit weirder/less thought of for larger toddlers, as it is rounded, with a safety "hem" that will be in the way with an older child, and overall better thought-of on the Goody. The second comfort feature I like MUCH more is the basket, which is better and deeper, meaning also more spacious on the Chicco. The Magicfold, on the other hand, has a much better leg rest - it is not longer (unfortunately) but it is a bit sturdier, meaning you will use the inclined leg rest a bit longer, probably. We didn't miss that as much, but it's good when making your decision. Another plus of the leclerc is the canopy, not the size but the smoother, less noisy mechanics of it. It is minor, not so important to me overall, but it is good to note the hood on the Goody is simply noisier and thinner, so if that would be your stroller priority, you should know about that.

I hope I helped in what you needed to hear to make a decision 😊

.eli - 14 Nov 2021


Could you offer me some comparison between the leclerc Magic Fold bundle i.e. stroller and bassinet, and the Hauck Colibri, please?

Hi, islandgirl,

There's actually a huge difference between the Magicfold and the Hauck Colibri. I mean, the leclerc is a travel, ultra-compact stroller mainly meant for travel and occasional, e.g. around shops, use. You'll know more after reading this article about ultra-compact strollers, or in this question where I did a comparison of the leclerc Magicfold Plus and the Peg-Pérego Selfie.

The Hauck Colibri, on the other hand, is a smaller stroller, but a reversible stroller model with a full-featured functionality from birth. It is better compared with models like Cybex Mios or Bugaboo Bee than with the Magicfold. To me, the Hauck Colibri is a cheaper, cheaply made stroller, but still one made for daily use (unlike the leclerc Magicfold).

So the question is on you - what are you searching for? An occasional, travel stroller for a larger baby or a toddler, primarily (= leclerc), or a full-featured urban model from birth (meaning a reversible, though less spacious seat unit = Colibri)? Because that is the main difference, the reason to buy one. To an everyday use from birth, a travel ultracompact won't be the right option. That should, even with the carrycot, be only used with a newborn VERY occasionally, during traveling or visits (like at grandparents) - I am not sure it would be the best option of an only pram.

.eli - 21 Oct 2021
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