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An everyday stroller - Chicco, Joie, Mothercare, Asalvo?

PK • 31 Jul 2023

Thanks a lot, Eli for the prompt answer.

My use cases are: I intend to use this every day to take the baby for walks around the block (the streets around my house are cobbled). Intra city use case is to load it up in the car and visit friends/malls etc. The intercity use case is travel by air.

Here are some follow-up questions please:
1. Given the feedback on compact strollers, is it safe to assume that I have to buy 2 strollers, one for use near the house (taking the baby for walks) and another for travel (intra city and intercity)?

2. For the everyday stroller, what would you recommend? The options I have available in India are: Chicco Best Friend Pro, Chicco Cortina CX, and Chicco Bravo. I may also be able to get Mothercare, Joie, and Asalvo models if you have a recommendation from those brands.

Thanks a ton in advance!

Eli • 31 Jul 2023


Yes, if you want it “all”, you won’t find it in one stroller. Two models are the usual way to go, so yeah, you think right.

From the everyday models, and the brands you mentioned as available to you, I would look at the Joie (Versatrax, Finiti) models as the best price - performance ratio.

In general look at the sturdiness of the chassis and the seat space as well as the wheel size. The wheels will determine how comfortably you will be pushing over bumps.

Your -very berry- Eli.

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