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An affordable, practical 2in1 stroller for a first-time mom

Irma • 12 Sep 2023


I’m having my first baby, and I’m looking for a 2 in 1 stroller. I saw a lot of models and read a lot, but I’m more confused. I would like a stroller that is affordable in the price, good for the baby and practical for me. I need your help!

Thank you

Eli • 13 Sep 2023

Hi, Irma,

Well, and practical for what needs? City/terrain? Are you tall or petite? What exactly is the budget (so I know what you mean by affordable?

Also, I am not quite sure what you mean by 2in1 as different people mean different things. If by 2in1 you mean a pram-pushchair with a convertible carrycot-to-seat - check the Kinderkraft XMOOV which is budget-friendly and also all-terrain. They also have the [kinderkraft-juli|Juli]] which is simpler, more urban - for more smooth pavements.

If by 2in1 you mean a system with a carrycot and a seat, I would look at Joie strollers. They are affordable enough while nice in quality for that price. From the Litetrax line to the Versatrax, I think you will find multiple nice options depending on your budget and requirements.

And lastly, if you mean a 2in1 travel system = with a car seat and a seat, look at the Valco Ultra Trend which is reversible, can be used without a carrycot, and offers car seat adapters. Then check the lighter, forward-facing models like Valco Snap, Joie Litetrax or Britax B-Agile M. They are simpler but will last you, and a car seat can be attached to all of them.

Think about the choices I talked about here, visit a baby shop to check what's available and how much it costs where you live, and if you think of more requirements and details, be sure to ask again-

Your -very berry- Eli.

Now, this is your place to ask. I'm listening.