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A stroller with large, spacious seat with tires good for parks, beaches and city roads

Steve • 14 Dec 2022

Hello Eli...

I have a 4 month old boy. I am looking for a stroller with large seating space as we intend it to last till the kid becomes 5 years. Also the best tires for moving in parks, beaches and city roads.

My budget would be under $500.

Please guide and suggest some suitable models.

Eli • 14 Dec 2022

Hiya, Steve,

For a roomy seat, go for non-reversible pushchairs for sure. And for the stroller to handle different surfaces with ease, I personally would go for at least mid-sized wheels (or large ones), though do accept a larger-wheeled, larger-seated stroller will simply not be ultra-compact.

My choice in here would be the Baby Jogger City Mini GT2, the Thule Spring, or check the Valco Trend Sport which has a HUGE seat and the Sport = inflatable wheels option. The all fold reasonably compact and have large enough hood, too. You will not be able to reverse the seat, however no reversible model will last you till 5 years of age.

Your -very berry- Eli.

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