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A stroller with a wide seat for a broader 2.5 years old

Nat • 14 Jan 2024

Hi, I am looking for a stroller than has a wide seat as my 2.5 year old is quite broad. He is probably around 15kg, so I need one that will go up to 22kg. We currently have the Silver Cross Pop but with a coat on, his arms are resting on the side bits (round circles with the logo) that stick out so we need something different!

I am happy with an umbrella fold or compact fold. The budget is up to £200. I would like good wheels - similar to the Silver Cross Pop really, or bigger wheels like the Hauck Rapid 4D / Joie Litetrax.

Thank you!!

Eli • 14 Jan 2024

Hey, Nat,

My best suggestion here is the Oyster Zero/Oyster Zero Gravity. I have yet to try a stroller with a wider seat (I could fit two of my boys in it at the same time), all the while I was really happy with the huge canopy, the wheel suspension (especially nice after a few weeks after the new wheels were used a bit]], and the overall space in it. I strongly recommend either raising the budget or checking a pre-owned one, as I think you will be the happiest with this.

The Valco Trend is also really roomy, seat wise, and worth checking out. Lastly, I will mention the Petite&Mars Street which should be available on Amazon, and has a really nice seat space, too.

Your -very berry- Eli.

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