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A stroller with a very tall seat back – for a tall toddler napping

Katya • 12 May 2024

Hi Eli!

Do you know what strollers have the highest seatback? Not butt-to-canopy length, but just the seatback itself. I don’t care if it’s full size, compact, jogging or whatever. As long as it’s sold in USA. (My toddler is super tall and still naps in the stroller. Cruz V2 and Joolz Aer are already too short for him. Butterfly will be short in a month, probably.)

Eli • 14 May 2024

Hey, Katya,

I know youmention it's not about butt to canopy that much, but if the canopy will be too close to the end of the backrest, it will be too small too soon anyhow. Thus, I'd definitely go for a jogger which are more robust and overall roomier, so, a BOB perhaps, those have tall seatbacks. I personally really like the space of the Baby Jogger City Elite, and I know moms use that one even for bigger special needs kids, so perhaps worth trying out... There won't be many more that are even more spacious, honestly.

My strongest suggestion here would, however, go and try it IRL. Cause each child is different and the way they're sitting and how their body is in a stroller seriously makes a difference, and so trying the stroller before buying, especially with such a need, is, I would say, the most important here.

Your -very berry- Eli.

Now, this is your place to ask. I'm listening.