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A stroller usable for travel as well. Nuna trvl/Recaro Easylife Elite 2/Yoyo 2?

Javad • 24 Feb 2023


We would like to buy the stroller that we could use for travel as well, and we can not decide between these three models:

- Nuna TRVL- Recaro Easylife Elite 2- Babyzen Yoyo 2

Would you please tell me about your experience? Price is not an issue for me, but efficiency and easy usage are important factors.


Eli • 24 Feb 2023

Hi, Javad,

If you need something for travel but also for normal use, I would not really go for any of these three. The Yoyo 2 is the sturdiest and the highest quality, built-wise, however, it has a short and very slanted backrest. I find kids in it suffer if it is used extensively; it is simply meant for occasional use and travel and not as comfort for hours regularly.

The TRVL is not, build- and quality-wise good enough in my experience; it is not worth the money. It is pretty much the same thing as the Joie Pact, which is much cheaper. I would not want it for regular use, either.

That leaves us with the Easylife Elite 2, which, I mean, you can use normally, I guess, but the double wheels will be a pain, rattly, on uneven surfaces. But for your little one, it may be the better choice out of the three.

Try checking the Joolz Aer too, especially if your child sits by itself already, or the Ergobaby Metro Plus for a smaller baby. the padding is nice. And look at the Recaro Lexa (or the reversible Recaro Lexa Elite) as nice options, too.

Your -very berry- Eli.

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