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A stroller to complement carrying the baby - but with space and budget constraints

Kayleigh • 19 Oct 2023


I live in a tiny house in the city, so I decided that foldability is probably my top need in a stroller. I have a three-month-old baby that I've been using wraps and carriers with until now, but everyone seems to say we need a stroller. I'm looking at the Inglesina Quid, since it can be used from 3 months, folds very small, and gets great reviews. However, I read on your site that you don't recommend travel strollers for general use. I have no idea what I'll use a stroller for, except that it might be nice as the baby gets heavier. I'll need to take it on the bus and metro, on paved and brick sidewalks of varying quality, and I need it to take up very little space at home. I'm hoping to spend less than $350.

Can a travel stroller like the Quid work for this? I also like the Electa, but it's too expensive, and bigger when folded than would be ideal. Thanks!

Eli • 20 Oct 2023

Hey, Kayleigh,

First, if you're ok with carrying your child, do that. Don't let others tell you you should have a stroller. You don't have to, my first hated strollers and if I knew about carriers then, I would just carry him. I learned about those with my second one though - and used it heavily then.

If your plan is to be carrying, a small stroller like the quid, unless really crazy rattly on the surfaces around you (which would not be ideal), can be used. Especially occasionally, and if fully reclined with a smaller baby, it will be just fine - the more so if you're really constraine by the budget and space.

Lastly, you could look at strollers second hand if needed, something a bit larger-wheeled. But again, I don't think it is a necessity. Just roll with how it is now, and you'll realize your needs, when they change, soon enough, no worries.

Your -very berry- Eli.

Now, this is your place to ask. I'm listening.