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A stroller for twin baby girls. Babyzen Yoyo? Maxi-Cosi Jaya?

Robin • 14 Jan 2023


We are expecting twin baby girls and would appreciate it if you could help us with a couple of questions.

1) Which stroller model is better for twins, YOYO or Maxi-Cosi Jaya?

2) Should we buy a car seat from 0 to 12 months that doubles as a removable bassinet or buy directly the 0 to 4 years car seat that does not double as a bassinet? And rely on the stroller as a reclining bassinet instead?

Budget is not necessarily an obstacle, but would definitely prefer not to overspend if it's not necessary. We live in a city and would not expect a lot of social outings the first year apart from visiting family.

Thanks for your help.

Eli • 14 Jan 2023

Hi, Robin,

I may disappoint you but I personally would not recommend the Yoyo at all for a newborn - unless you mean it as a very occasional stroller, as I can see you don't. To be honest, the Jaya is not much better, either. You know, both of these buggies are just buggies - designed the SMALLEST POSSIBLE for TRAVELING. That means a LOT of comfort is taken away - the seats are very small, with short backrests, and when upright - sitting, VERY slanted. The Yoyo also does not recline fully, which is not healthy for very small children - and after it is already inclined, the slanted position makes the kids slow down and sit uncomfortably. Thus, just occasional travel use is really right for this one.

I personally would suggest something a bit bigger. Look at Valco Snap Duo, Baby Jogger City Mini Double - such sizes of strollers. They still stay light, but have larger, comfortable seats for your children that won't develop breathing or back problems in a narrow, slanted seat and a rattly small-wheeled buggy that was never meant for daily use from birth.

Read more about ultra-compacts and their cons in this article HERE, and [article:runowasu|more about double strollers HERE]].

Your -very berry- Eli.

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