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A stroller for the city as well as bumpy terrain - for a 3yo, 100+ cm, 15+ kg girl

Nete • 06 Mar 2024

Dear Eli, thank you for a great site with lots of info I have failed to find elsewhere.

Our soon-to-be 3 year old is a tall girl - over 100 cm, about 15 kg - but still needs a stroller at times, for longer trips. I have some back issues and cannot always carry her when she is too tired to walk. Our Bugaboo Fox 2 has been great, but it looks painfully small now. She cannot quite sit comfortably in it and the canopy hits her in the back of her head.

However, it's hard to find strollers that are significantly larger. We would rather not invest in something that will be too small in a month or two. Right now, it looks as if the Mountain Buggy Terrain is the largest out there. But is it really significantly more spacious than the Mountain Buggy Urban Jungle? Or do you have other recommendations?

We live in a big city, so bumpy terrain is not an everyday challenge. It would be a bonus if the stroller is not too difficult to push into a tram or bus, and a light one is preferable to a heavy one, but her comfort is the most important thing. Budget is secondary to quality. Several suggestions with varying prices will be very much appreciated.

I am so looking forward to hearing from you. Thank you again.

Eli • 07 Mar 2024

Hey, Nete,

I wouldn't say the MB Terrain would be much more spacious than the Urban Jungle. Both are nice options, though not as wide, from my perspective, so I would perhaps also suggest trying them out in real life, and/or maybe rather going for the a bit wider Baby Jogger City Mini GT2 or City Elite 2 which just feel roomier.

Apart from those, check the Valco Trend SPORT with inflatable wheels - more of an urban model, but light and very very spacious, and the air wheels make for a bit better ride.

Your -very berry- Eli.

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