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A stroller for a very large child for his age

Michelle • 28 Feb 2024

I have a very large child for his age he is in 4-5yrs clothes and only just turned 2. All standard umbrella strollers are too small particularly the backrest height. I have got a Baby Jogger City Mini 2 atm and his head is sitting on the hood and lying down is in the mesh fabric. Is there a way of searching your site by backrest height for the pushchairs with the biggest backrest height please or do you know of any please? Sometimes I find even if they say they have a big backrest height that the hood still sits so low I can’t get it over his head! Thanks

Eli • 29 Feb 2024

Hi, Michelle,

The problem you're describing - the position of the canopy, and also overall seat design will make it impossible to compare the seat space "on paper" properly. Especially with specific needs like yours, a larger than usual child, you need a large stroller - and to try it out beforehand, ideally, as even with a good backrest length (like your BJ City Mini has), the model can still be too small.

I will recommend checking out the City Elite 2 or the Summit X3, or the BOB strollers, and really sit your little one in the strollers in a few baby stores to find a better match, as it's really not only about the seatback and the canopy height, but also the angle, width, and overall design.

Your -very berry- Eli.

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