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A stroller for a 2 months old and soft fabrics that look good

Av • 28 May 2024

I have my first new born and she is about to turn 2 months. I am very confused to which stroller would be the best for her first time. I do think she requires one which she can also sleep in as she is just 2 months soon. But I want to get a stroller which will also be used later and not the bassinet type which will be useless after she grows out of them in few months. I do like a chic design which has soft cloth material to give a rich look to the stroller. I want to be able to use is for travelling as well and shouldn’t be very light weight as then it wouldn’t be durable. Can you please suggest which stroller brand / model should I get as a first time working mom use.

Eli • 29 May 2024

Hi, Av,

You definitely need a lie-flat (ideally carycot / bassinet) style for a 2 months old. From what you're describing, I think the Cybex Balios S, either with the bassinet or the insert soft cot/coccoon could be a nice choice. Joie models can be affordable while reasonably good looking. And not sure where you are, but if soft fabrics and cool looks while not totally all-terrain use is what you need, the [peg-perego|Peg-Perego]] systems are really nice looking options here. Also, look at the ABC Design Swing perhaps.

Your -very berry- Eli.

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