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A spacious, all-terrain pushchair for a 4yo woth cerebral palsy

Sarina • 28 Apr 2024


I am looking for a pushchair for my 4 year old who has Cerebral Palsy and weighs just under 18kg. He is tall for his age and I would ideally want something for both city and forest walks. I don’t mind how heavy the pushchair is and prioritise quality over price.


Eli • 29 Apr 2024

Hiya, Sarina,

I would strongly recommend a larger three-wheeler for this – my suggestion would be either a Baby Jogger Summit X3 or the Baby Jogger City Elite, or also a BOB or a TFK stroller. Ideas is to try before buying, if you have that option, as every kid is different and the best is to see how they fit and how comfy they are in the seat, but these are those I would go for in such a situation.

Your -very berry- Eli.

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