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A side-by-side double stroller that will fit a narrow 72.5cm doorway

Alicia • 08 May 2023


I am looking to purchase a double stroller that will fit through my two narrow entrance doors - they are 72.5cm.

We currently have a Bugaboo Cameleon we’ve used for our two year old since he one born, but we’ll have baby 2 in a next months.

I know the Mountain Buggy Duet double buggy is 63 cm. Any others to consider? I’m keen on a side-by-side duo.


Eli • 08 May 2023

Hey, Alicia,

There's the Valco Slim Twin which is 66cm wide, Baby Monsters Easy-Twin which is 65cm... and that's pretty much all. These three I would look at (the Mountain Buggy, Valco Baby, and Baby Monsters).

Good to know: Be aware that the narrower the stroller is, the less space, width-wise, there will be for the older one.

Your -very berry- Eli.

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