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A pushchair with 22kg weight capacity and a deeper than 22cm-deep seat

Katie • 04 Jan 2024

I need a pushchair available in the uk with a minimum weight limit of 22kg and a higher than 22cm seat depth. I really want a deep seat so my child doesn’t look slumped in the pram. My budget is £150 but I could stretch for the right one. Could you help? Thanks

Eli • 04 Jan 2024

Hey, Katie,

I understand your need for a deep seat, though I have to say your budget is quite tight and the slumped position is not only about the seat depth (of course, a shallow seat doesn't help) - it's also about the backrest abgle, overall ratios of leg rest - seat depth - backrest, and the position of the bumper bar. Ideally, you should try a few in a store with your child to see how they fit your particular little one, as it differs from child to child and from model to model. Just like with shoes or clothing cuts, every person is better off in a bit of a different thing.

I will suggest looking at pre-owned models as well, but from the new ones, I can recommend he Joie Litetrax 4 or the Cybex Eezy S+2. From the second-hand ones, the Oyster Zero has a deeper seat. Also, check out buggies with umbrella-like handles, sometimes the seating is a bit different there - maybe something like a Peg Perego Si is something to look for. Again, trying those out would be better to see if the position is as you wanted it.

Your -very berry- Eli.

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