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A lightweight second stroller for uneven roads and a tall toddler

Svetacello • 06 Feb 2023

I’ve got a 18 months daughter who weighs about 11.5kg and she’s tall for her age. I’m currently looking to get a stroller which would last her up to about 20kg. We currently use Cybex Priam, but I need something lighter to use for short trips around the town and to fly abroad with. Pavements in our areas are hit and miss with occasional holes and uneven surfaces. I still intend to use Cybex for longer walks, but need haste free spare.

Ideally, I’d like to spend under £200. My priorities would be easy folding and unfolding, relatively light, comfy for my daughter and easy to manoeuvre on uneven roads.
Large basket would be a bonus! :)))

From reading reviews I’m considering the Kinderkraft Nubi, Chicco Goody, and Miniuno Touchfold, but I’d love to hear your expert opinion. The cabin size isn’t a priority for me, so we could go slightly bigger if the stroller if more comfy but still light.

Many thanks in advance, Svetlana

Eli • 07 Feb 2023

Heya, Svetlana,

I feel that with the requirements you mentioned, the lasting till 20 kg of the child, and the hit-and-miss sidewalks, and the larger basket, the travel-sized strollers are not going to make you very happy, especially the budget models. You'll suffer with the tiny wheels and the narrow seat with a bit slanted, short-ish seat back, I believe.

I personally would go for an Oyster Zero that just over 7 kg has a wide seat and huge canopy (plus a nice basket), and would make for a much more comfortable ride for you as well as your daughter. I would look for pre-owned ones, too, if you need the price to be lower. Then there's the Valco Snap 4 that could work, too, and from really smaller ones, I would maybe, just maybe look at the Cybex Eezy S+² because of the a bit larger wheels.

Your -very berry- Eli.

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