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A lighter, easy to fold pram foldable with the seat: Micralite GetGo or Joie Finiti?

Zee • 18 Apr 2024

I’m struggling to decide between the Silver Cross Micralite Getgo pram and the Joie Signature Finiti pram. I’ve not been able to see them in person as they’re not in stock locally. I’m looking for an easy foldable pram where the seat doesn’t have to be detached to fold. And also looking for a relatively light pram yet sturdy enough to be used for walks in parks etc. I don’t require a carrycot as my child is almost 1 years old but still require a lie flat or close enough recline to accommodate my child when he’s sleeping. I’m inclining towards the Micralite as it is lighter than the Joie which is another important factor for me.

Any advice to help me choose would be appreciated greatly.

Eli • 19 Apr 2024

Hey, Zee,

I like your choices, buth are rather practical. I can understand the need of a smaller pram, though must say I repeatedly heard feedback that the GetGo is a bit uncomfortable for the child in the seat, and the seat itself isn't that big. So even if I also prefer that one for the weight and size, I would probably lean towards the Finiti or [joie-versatrax|Versatrax]] rather that the Micralite based on the child's comfort.

Also good to take into account - if your little one is around 1yo, maybe a non-reversible model would be much more practical. It will be MUCH lighter and more compact, while MUCH more roomy. Something like the Oyster Zero Gravity or the Joie Litetrax would actually last you much longer, room-wise.

Your -very berry- Eli.

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