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A light, very narrow, inexpensive stroller for a 10mo and a 2yo

מוריה • 18 Jun 2023


I am looking for a light, very narrow stroller at a price of up to 1500 NIS. I have two children. One is 10 months old, and the other is 2 years old. The little one weighs about 9 kilos and the big one 11
I live in a city with many ups and downs and sometimes also narrow passages. I heard about the Nio stroller, but it's a little expensive for me...


(Translated from original Hebrew:

אני מחפשת עגלה קלה מאוד צרה ובמחיר של עד 1500 ש"ח
יש לי שני ילדים
אחד בן 10 חודשים והשני בן 2
הקטן שוקל בערך 9 קילו והגדול 11
אני גרה בעיר עם הרבה עליות וירידות ולפעמים גם מעברים צרים
שמעתי על עגלת nio
אבל קצת יקרה לי...

Eli • 18 Jun 2023

Hey, מוריה,

I used a Google translator and can only respond in English. I am not sure about how narrow your narrow stroller should be, though it is important to know that the narrower the stroller will be ,the less space there will be especially for your older toddler.

It the (Mutsy) Nio is too expensive, try checking the Kinderkraft Grande, Valco Snap Sport (with inflatable wheels) is definitely an even better choice, and the Joie Litetrax Air is also worth checking.

For bumpy roads, I would not go for a smaller model... But if you really need to anyway, then the Cybex Eezy S+² with a tad bigger wheels but overall very small size could work for you, too.

Your -very berry- Eli.

Now, this is your place to ask. I'm listening.