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A larger-wheeled stroller for a small lift and rougher terrain

naidenis • 05 Jan 2023

Hello, have a happy new year...

I have a small lift at our building and I need a stroller with dimensions: 58 cm width and 84 cm lenght. I need big wheels to go also at the city walks and some outside soil ground. And a basic, to be one hand open and close system. Can you advise me something for that?

Thank you

Eli • 05 Jan 2023

Hiya, naidenis, and a Happy New Year to you too!

You have a little harsh conditions, as you want a one hand open-close stroller, which normally means a small, light one (larger more all-terrain strollers rarely have this feature as they are heavier and one hand would not be enough), plus quite compact dimensions for a small elevator, however you ask for bug wheels for uneven ground and worse terrain, too. You will have to prioritize a but, as it is similar as asking for a small city car but also the features of a jeep. It is not really possible, is it?

Moving to my advice, I have to say I miss more information. What is the budget? What use - from birth, or a larger toddler? Do you need a reversible seat, or do you want a spacious pushchair which will then only face forward?

I actually have the most problems with the length, as most at least a tad larger wheeled stroller are not that short. One to consider is the ABC Design Avus which should work, dimensions-wise. Also check the smaller Cybex Eezy S+². I will also suggest a Valco trend SPORT with inflatable wheels, while in the lift, you can fold the handle down to have the space. And try to check the Petite&Mars Royal on Amazon as that, dimensions-wise, could also fit.

Other than that, try to think about your budget and priorities, try to see a few buggies in the shops around you to know what are your preferences, and if still struggling, write again! Wishing you the best!

Your -very berry- Eli.

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