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A holiday stroller with a reasonable leg rest for a 104cm 3 years old

Natasha • 27 May 2024


I have a 104cm tall 3 year old boy, we have a Baby Jogger GT2 (recommended by yourself - thank you, we have loved it).

Looking for a stroller to take on holiday. What can you suggest that will be best for his height? My son does like to have his legs up on a leg rest, which is my main issue - he is longer in the legs and I'd like him to be comfortable if he does doze in it. Weight limit doesn't matter so much, he is on the lighter side. I'm probably going to try and keep costs down and see if I can get a secondhand one, as I'm not sure how much use it will get in the future.


Eli • 28 May 2024

Hello, Natasha,

Well, a travel (= tiny) stroller for a 1m+ 3yo WITH a longer/usable leg rest is a tad hard combo, honestly. Personally, I like to recommend the Joolz Aer, especially if you have a 3yo, the first gen without a full lie-flat could be more affordable bought pre-owned, however to that, you will need to get the sold-separately leg rest. So not idea, I guess, but space- and quality-wise, this is one of your best options, especially for a longer toddler.

Apart from this, I will mention the Elodie Mondo, Recaro Lexa, or the Mountain Buggy Nano - but it would be ideal for you to try these before being sure they are, space and comfort-/leg rest-wise what you imagined, as, you know, these are are super small and thus, all features and parts are more minimal, smaller, shorter.

Your -very berry- Eli.

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