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A good everyday stroller for an 8mo that's compact but off road enough (under £200, second hand is ok)

Rachel • 26 Aug 2023

I'm asking for the impossible, but looking for a good everyday stroller that's fairly compact and off road enough to go down the canal path but small enough to store in my tiny terraced house without getting in the way. My baby is 8 months and I'm so fed up of the bulky all-terrain pram. Ideally under £200 but I am also looking at second hand market.

Eli • 26 Aug 2023

Hey, Rachel,

Not sure how compact it should be to fit your terraced house. I am thinking though it doesn't have to even be that small if it will fold flat enough, which it will if the seat folds in itself (and folds with the frame). What about looking at a pre-owned Baby Jogger City Versa GT or the City Premier? Also, the Joie Versatrax might work. These two are reversible =. not as small, but could do.

Then, I would strongly suggest going for a non-reversible, e.g. the City Mini GT - the first generation, could be fairly cheap in classifieds. Check also the Valco Snap Sport (Sport = inflatable wheels) which is not beat but folds quick and flat, and is small enough while the air-filled wheels can get over a bit of stuff.

Your -very berry- Eli.

Now, this is your place to ask. I'm listening.