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A from-birth system under 1000EUR - Peg Perego Vivace or Inglesina Electa?

Nikoletta • 25 Jan 2024


We are having our first child and we are in the process of searching for a stroller that is suitable from newborn. Our budget is around EUR1,000. We really need a lightweight option that folds and unfolds easily, is comfortable for the baby, and has a nice suspension in order to maneuver well on uneven pavement/ground. We narrowed our choices between Peg Perego Vivace and Inglesina Electa (during our search we also liked the Cybex Mios, however it is slightly higher than the price we want to go). Also, kindly advise if you think it's necessary to buy the bassinet.

Thank you.

Eli • 26 Jan 2024

Hey, Nikoletta,

From the two, I personally would probably go for the Vivace. I mean, both are nice, but you mentioned foldability, which is a little better, closer to the Mios', on the Vivace. Otherwise, they are similar, not that much suspension on any of them, but with comfy fabrics and nice seat units.

What is better, on the other hand, on Electa, is the larger, MUCH roomier bassinet, and also the seat space is a bit bigger. However, you are asking whether you do need a bassinet - if you're a first time parent, I would strongly recommend it, as it is much comfier with a newborn. However, if you want to save money and/or space, you don't have to go for one as both strollers have a lie-flat option, meaning you should only get a good soft/insert cot or a newborn-friendly footmuff (to give the little one more sense of comfort/protection from all sides). So, I personally would get a bassinet, but it is possible to go for a soft insert cot or better footmuff instead (and/or a reclinable car seat).

Lastly, I personally would go for the Mios more than those two. With it, I would NOT get a full bassinet, but the soft cot from Cybex, should be cheaper overall and perhaps fit under that 1k budget.

Your -very berry- Eli.

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