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A daily stroller that will last, is not too bulky & folds in one piece + has a reversible seat

Eliza Jane • 24 Jul 2023


I'm in the UK and a foster carer, so whatever I buy has to last! I am looking for a daily stroller to replace my iCandy Peach which is too bulky and needs taking apart to put in the car.

My essentials are:
Lightweight (less than 11kg)
(Foster)parent and world-facing pushchair
Decent-sized basket, I discounted the Bugaboo Bee for that reason
Folds up smallish with the seat attached but does not need to be cabin-approved.

I have looked at the Bugaboo Dragonfly - still quite large folded.Bugaboo Bee, no footrest and tiny basket.Nuna Triv Next - detest the 'cheap' looking brown handle/belly bar and can't get things like foot muffs for it (I am in the UK after all!).

I have about £600 to spend.

Eli • 24 Jul 2023

Hey, Eliza Jane,

I see your struggle, but have to say you want two things that are incredibly hard to combine. You'd like something reversible but even smaller than the BGB Dragonfly WHILE it has to have a larger basket. This I am not sure I can give you. I thought of the Cybex Mios which is sturdy, numble, and very small after folding (plus the seat is reasonably sized and lasts well) BUT it does not have a large basket. I used the basket and also had a bag over it, the unique frame design is cool for having things attached to it. At least for me. So this would bemy suggestion but doesn't tick that part about a larger basket.

Joie pushchairs have larger baskets usually, and I would suggest looking at the Joie Versatrax / Joie Finiti BUT I'm afraid that if you found the Dragonfly bulky, this will be worse in that area.

Lastly, I will try and suggest the Cybex Balios S which is nice enough, but I would say not as sturdy as I think you would like. Or the Baby Jogger CIty Sights that will be, again, I think, bulky for you.

I guess the thing to decide now is - a smaller.fokding one with smaller basket, or a bulkier one with a larger basket?

Your -very berry- Eli.

Now, this is your place to ask. I'm listening.