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A compact, light but reversible, full-featured from birth stroller

Anita • 29 Apr 2024


We had the Hauck Colibri for our first one (3 years old by the time #2 arrives in August) and it was the perfect stroller for me. Unfortunately, it has issues folding now, so I need a new one, and the Colibri is not being sold anymore.

Which alternative would you recommend? What I loved about the Colibri:

Light enough to carry down stairs/into a bus myself with child on other arm or even with baby in the babycot.

Fits into any train - super small to fold.

Adjustable Handlebar

Reversible seat!!! Mini still asks to face me frequently. This is a must!

Compatible with car seat and babycot.

Did fairly well on forest roads as long as they were flat and dry.

So in short a full pram but lightweight and folds down small.

I am aware of the Bugaboo Dragonfly which seems to be quite similar but it is soo expensive…

Thanks so much for your ideas!

Eli • 01 May 2024

Hey, Anita,

If you loved the Colibri (which did indeed prove a bit less of quality as there were frequent malfunctions, which is I guess why they don't continue that one anymore), I believe you could look at the Cybex Mios (new, but also pre-owned if the budget is limited), Cybex Melio, or maybe even the Cybex Eezy S-Twist². From different brands, the Recaro Lexa Elite is also that small while reversible, and then, the Silver Cross Spirit, Joolz Hub, and the ABC Design Limbo.

Most of these aren't the cheapest simply because if you want one to last at that small size and thin bars, you usually need a bit better, more expensive materials. I would, therefore, recommend checking them out, and perhaps also look at classifieds as a pre-owned one in a good condition would be a considerable amount o money saved while still a quality stroller fulfilling your needs.

Your -very berry- Eli.

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