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A comfortable stroller for a nearly 4 year old autistic boy

Maggie • 06 Jan 2024


I need your advise please have a nearly 4 year old autistic little boy who is a massive flight risk also non verbal. We have lots of hospitals visits also and like to get out for a stroll sometimes. I have tried so many buggies at this stage - could you advise on any, his average size not big not small. Would need to be comfy for him thanks again.

Eli • 07 Jan 2024

Hi, Maggie,

A 4 years old needs a little bit of a bugger model to be comfy, especially if not a tiny kid. I would suggest the Baby Jogger City Elite as that has a high weight capacity and I've seen multiple moms using it with a special needs child.

Apart from that, the Bob strollers are quite sturdy and roomy.

I wouldn't suggest a much smaller buggy as it will simply not be spacious and comfy enough.

Your -very berry- Eli.

Now, this is your place to ask. I'm listening.