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A budget double pushchair that is lightweight and a shorter mum will be able to see over the top

Nana • 13 Mar 2023


My daughter is expecting her second child later this year. Her first child will be 18 months. She lives in a first floor flat. She is 5 feet tall. Can you please recommend a budget double pushchair which is lightweight and one where she'll be able to see over the top!!

Kind regards

Eli • 13 Mar 2023

Hello there,

DOuble pushchairs are always a bit of a struggle as they are simply heavier and larger (as they have to be spacious and sturdy enough to accommodate two kids). I personally would strongly recommend a side-by-side for this as a tandem will be huge and taller, and a side by side, especially a simpler one that only faces forward could have a lower weight.

My personal top suggestion would probably be a Valco Snap Duo which is reasonably spacious for the older one, too, and is not overly expensive. A Joie Aire Twin is very simple and sometimes rattly though is on the budget side of things. And I will also recommend a second-hand Baby Jogger City Mini Double as that's a nice quality double stroller and you'll save money with an older model.

Your -very berry- Eli.

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