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uhn says:
"It is better for an older child in the seat"
and gives the X-Lander X-Run

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I had this stroller for my older son as his very first stroller. We first used it with a bassinet, and I don't recommend it with it. It has no suspension and the baby is shaken in it. For an older child in the seat, it is better, because the seat is suspended on the frame and thus cushions the shocks a bit.

The stroller includes many practical things such as an integrated mosquito net, a large and warm apron, a net on the seat's backrest. The backrest does not recline all the way down, probably also for the safety of the child at higher stroller speeds.

The rear wheels are slanted for more stability, but the folding also contributes to the tires wearing out quickly. Ours lasted 9 months of daily stroller use and we had to replace the tires and inner tubes.

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