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  • Stable
  • Large canopy
  • Compact for a three-wheeled pushchair
  • Handles nicely
  • Huge basket
  • Worse folding
  • Cannot be laid flat
  • Front wheel is fixed

It's great for skating, for terrain. As a trhree-wheeler, it is not extra long, which I appreciated in the bus, elevator, etc. It has a huge basket where I've stuffed my skates and a bunch of other stuff. :-D Reasonably large canopy with a visor.

The reason I'm getting rid of it is space. I realized this can't really be a main stroller, and I have to have at least one more. And we can't afford the space. It's because it doesn't go in the recliner. The semi-reclining is not quite enough.

For some people, the non-reversible seat and the fixed wheel might be a disadvantage. For myself, I have to say that the fixed wheel is fine on this stroller, it handles well anyway. If it's not loaded, it handles great. With heavy groceries load in the basket, its handling is worse.

A big plus for me is that it can be driven comfortably with one hand and the other to text or hold the baby :-D

But the stroller is really wonderful. It rides really well. :-) Going skating with it is amazing.

  • design
  • functionality

Perfect for running. Ive had it for a long time and I can honestly recommend it!

  • large wheels - great for any terrain, broken pavements, snow, etc.
  • fixed front wheel improves stability
  • integrated mosquito net - you won't forget to take it like this, it's always at hand. I also appreciate the zip-on system of its attaching, and the dark color which also shades in the summer
  • apron - it can also work as a footmuff because it is attached in a way that the apron is also under (not only over) the baby's bottom
  • materials - yes, the hood faded after 6 years of use, other than that, however, no weakening of the fabrics, or any other breakage. Also, the fabrics were waterproof, and after a few years, you can just spray impregnation on, and the water will just run down the sides again instead of soaking in
  • removable, double-sided inlay (different colors to choose from) making the cleaning and washing easy
  • handbrake, which is useful not only while running, but also going downhill
  • or in a mountainous area
  • easy manipulation while folding the stroller or removing the wheels for a more compact package - dummy-proofed :-D
  • short-ish hood (but the shading net included is compensating for this downside)
  • difficult access to the shopping basket, particularly when the backrest is fully reclined
  • bumper bar - we never used that because it was in a weird height, pretty much where the child's face was

We own the X-Lander X-Run pushchair from 2012, so the review is for that older type (I know nothing about changes that might have occurred). It is being used for a third child by now, which itself should be saying a lot about how we are satisfied with it. In that six and a half years, it was a very reliable companion for us - we only had to change the outside tires, since they naturally got worn down by our intensive use of the pushchair.

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