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mimiveru says:
"Not practical for me"
and gives the Valco Baby Snap 4 Sport Trend Tailormade

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Not practical for me

  • The canopy opens up to your feet, ensuring darkness while the little one sleeps
  • Easy to handle
  • Beautiful design
  • Winter footmuff - points down, since it cannot be attached anywhere - Valco has a net behind the backrest, so the footmuff cannot be attached through there either
  • The handle has been wobbling since the second week

A beautiful stroller, driving characteristics great, but for practical needs, not as awesome. The seat belts are very difficult to lengthen or shorten, I actually have to set aside time before a trip to do this, because you can't do it right away with a baby in the stroller. A footmuff cannot be attached. The handle wobbles... Disappointing for me, not practical for me.

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