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  • The shock absorbers are really nice and soft
  • The basket is nicely sized and can be closed, so nobody looks inside (and nothing falls off)
  • The carrycot is nice and cozy
  • The carrycot size is stated as much larger than it actually is
  • Defective wheel
  • Seat unit seems not as well-made as the carrycot - we'll see

I very much like the pram version's look. It's nice and comfy. What I was surprised about is the mattress length - the manufacturer claimed over 80 cm length while the mattress is about 75 at maximum. I feel like that was a lie, I expected something else. This is a rather average size. The high apron is awesome, though, great for winter or wind.

The suspension is luxurious. You can rock your baby to sleep. Bumps on the road are not problem.

One wheel was defective. We had to order a new one and pay for it (even with the warranty in place) - wheels, as it seems, are not covered by it. 😩

The seat we are not using yet. It seems simpler than the carrycot.

  • look
  • features
  • quality of workmanship
  • wheels fell off

I cannot recommend it. Two wheels got broken over time. The features are nice and the pram looks good but what with it if the workmanship is not as good.

Good for every terrain we had to go over

  • A beauty
  • Goes over every terrain we need it to
  • Feels light to push
  • Not very compact

Feels lightweight when you push it, and it's good for every terrain we had to go over. Also, beautiful.

This one had all the things we wanted

  • compact
  • light enough
  • closable storage bag
  • gel wheels
  • good even for a bad weather
  • rocks the baby
  • quality coconut mattress
  • suitable for tall people
  • easy manipulation
  • squeaks a bit while driving

We were choosing the right stroller for a long time. We found the right one eventually. This one had all the things we wanted. We are very happy with it.

  • Cradle
  • Materials (natural)
  • Seat unit - sleeping position

Using it for 6 months. The cradle is the best as its spacious and superbly comfy.

  • Light
  • Pretty
  • Maneuverable
  • Smooth ammortisation (suspension)
  • Leg cover with the zippers takes extra second to open, but that's really nothing

Couldn't imagine a better stroller, there's everything I need, and no extra unnecessary details.

  • The stroller is so lightweight
  • easy to fold
  • and compact :)

Just received our new stroller few days ago and we just cant wait for our first strolls around the neighborhood! Definitely the best choice we could have made for our newborn :)

  • Lightweight cradle (carrycot)
  • Durable chassis
  • Easy to fold

I am using the stroller for three months. Bought it from, received it in five days, free delivery. And now, I just like it - the cradle (carrycot) is superbly light, the chassis is soft, so the ride is very soft, even when going for a walk in the park, with bumpy roads.

I recommend it!

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