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  • Hand brake (all strollers should have it!!!)
  • Swivel front wheel
  • Replaceable front wheel for two-wheel axle (these should be air-filled because they rattle a lot as they are)
  • Nice design
  • Many pockets
  • When the child is napping, you cannot access the shopping basket
  • Very narrow handlebar, especially uncomfortable for men/daddies
  • Stiff hand brake
  • I heard that the TFKs are suitable even for bigger kids, but I am afraid that my son will soon touch the canopy with his head
  • When the baby lies down, the stroller bag hanging on the handle is banging in its head (nothing can be hung on the handle except a small bag)

I bought it as a secondary stroller, especially for in-line skating. It meets this requirement well.

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