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cilkat says:
"It has its flaws, but on the whole it suited me just fine"
and gives the Tako Warrior

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  • great stability and general durability of the carriage
  • easy manoeuvring
  • spacious bassinet and changing bag
  • front-to-back instability when the changing bag is fully loaded and on the handle
  • poor access to the basket when using the seat unit
  • the fabric bottom basket gets dirty and has less load capacity than a solid basket frame

As the name suggests, this stroller is a warrior. Curbs, forest paths, meadows, stairs... we managed everything without the little passenger complaining. The bummer is when you puncture the wheel (which I managed four times, but with my usage style, I'm not surprised) - then the whole stroller turns into a heavy cow, pulling sideways. Fortunately, the rear wheels can use inner tubes for the smallest sizes of children's bikes and bike racks, so bike shops quite often have them. What they don't have are front-wheel tubes - but again, a puncture doesn't damage the stability of the pram.

The two things I struggled with a bit was tipping when the handlebar had a full changing bag on it (with a deep seat when braking/running the bus). The other issue is that you can barely get to the bottom basket from the top once the seat unit is on, which reduces its usability quite a bit.

Like any stroller, this one has its flaws, but on the whole it suited me just fine.

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