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ann206 says:
"It's not some Mercedes among strollers, more like a decent Skoda Octavia"
and gives the Tako Captiva Mohican

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  • It is robust
  • Rocking
  • Can handle any terrain, forest, field, gravel, city, hills
  • Has a large extendable canopy and a sunvisor at the footrest that blows in minimally or not at all in winter
  • Can carry large groceries, lots of bags due to how heavy it is
  • Can carry a bigger child or even two children if you sit them down skillfully
  • Heavy and massive
  • It has a smaller changing bag - good enough for some, a bit too small for me, I'm used to carrying all sorts of things
  • Takes up a lot of space in the boot of the car
  • No ventilation window near the head, the only one is on the top of the canopy, so that the mom can look out - in summer it is a big disadvantage, the baby sweats and has no way to air out

For me, a good stroller that meets out expectations. It's not some Mercedes among strollers, more like a decent Skoda Octavia. It can handle terrain - any terrain, it can handle the city, it can rock your baby to sleep, it has enough space for the baby.

I might have appreciated a wider seat, they're all the same length in general, but I got along fine with both kids with the width, until it was cold and needed a cosytoes and overalls, they were 2-5 months old. Then the layers gradually came off, the kids built up in volume too, and by spring my little one was riding on her belly in just a sweatshirt and could look out of the stroller, which she was super happy with. So the stroller was ok for me.

The stroller does look bulky, but again, in the winter, when you need a cosytoes and overalls and to keep the wind out and the heat in, it's great. It has a very extendable canopy, a proper apron, plenty of room in the basket at the bottom for some stuff.

I could easily ride a third kid in it, I have no problem with that.

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