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crazy_girl3 says:
"The stroller was in a total of 4 times for a complaint and finally I got my money back"
and gives the Tako Baby Heaven Line

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I was impressed by the large bassinet and the overall height of the stroller, as we are both quite tall, however I got carried away and inexperiencedly bought the stroller without reading any extra reviews. It was really beautifully spacious, big inflatable wheels, awesome! But then the negatives started piling up...

The basket under the stroller was terribly hard to reach through the frame, in the seat setup practically not at all (although the volume in it was large). The front swivel wheels sort of folded inwards when going down the curb, the first time I almost threw my son out (due to this the structure got broken 3 times and I had to file a complaint).

The stroller is overall very heavy. Seat version - the leather in the foot area burned terribly in the summer, the straps didn't fit well, we only used the bottom ones. Poor recline system, it broke over time too. Small seating area, no longer comfortable for a bigger child. Bulky in the trunk of the car.

The stroller was in a total of 4 times for a complaint and finally I got my money back. I would never go for it again, it was just an ordeal.

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