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  • inexpensive
  • could be useful for very occasional use on smooth surfaces only (mall, airport, etc.)
  • not sturdy
  • difficult to maneuver
  • not good for most outdoor use (even sidewalks, etc.)
  • small sunshade, small basket
  • child uncomfortable on long walks and too uncomfortable to nap
  • not suitable for tall children (even at only 2 years old!)
  • will not stay latched close once folded
  • folding mechanism very cumbersome

Just don't do it. We used this stroller less than a year before needing to replace it. We bought it for our 2 years old tall but slim child. He looked totally squashed inside, and it wasn't comfortable at all.

The terrain we used it on was "city travel"- so mostly sidewalks and such. It was uncomfortable for the "driver" of the stroller and hard to manage with the handlebar configuration. The basket underneath was tiny, the sunshade was tiny / useless. The fold system was pretty useless and came unfolded very easily because the latch didn't keep it latched. It began squeaking within a couple of months of use, which was remedied with oil, but then started again easily. I wouldn't count on a child being able to nap in this stroller. Our child napped easily in other strollers, but he was never comfortable enough to sleep in this one.

We ended up giving this away because it just honestly wasn't worth the endless frustrations.

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