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aktata says:
"I was thinking more about looks than practicality"
and gives the Stokke Xplory V5

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  • easy one-handed steering
  • perfect accessories (summer kit, winter kit, footmuffs, etc.)
  • seat height
  • seat faces both directions
  • very hard chassis - the stroller has no suspension at all, you feel every stone strongly
  • small carrycot (my daughter's lasted 5 months, my son's lasted 4 months)
  • calluses on your hands (the handle has no padding)
  • rideability - I often ride with the rear wheels raised to pick out the unevenness of the easier terrain; I almost always ride very slowly to ensure comfort for the baby and not knock the heck out of him; when hitting a slightly elevated curb, I need to lift the stroller over the rear wheels (moms with strollers pass by without slowing down); it happens that the front wheels get stuck in place when there is an unevenness; in autumn, the leaves stick under the front mudguards and gradually pack up (they need to be removed); in winter, snow sticks to the front wheels and gets stuck to the front mudguard (several times the snow got stuck there and I had to kick it off with my foot to keep going, and overall it is not very easy to drive in the snow); once I had a public transport bus stop abruptly, and the pram would have tipped over sideways if I hadn't caught it...

With my first daughter, I was thinking more about looks than practicality. The winner was Stokke Xplory, at that time I was praising it to the skies and with all the equipment I put a huge amount for it. I loved it and didn't pay attention to some of its "flaws".

Now I have a second child, and after half a year of use, we are changing the stroller. I have sobered up, and I have to admit that its driving characteristics are very bad. A few times I even got the front wheels stuck and the rear wheels went into the air - and that was on a bike path with only minor potholes. Riding in the snow is more like sliding on snow, and if there's slush you can't ride at all.

I guess I could sum it up by saying that I overlooked the faults before and looked mainly at the positives of it, now I can see the other side. With my first child I said never I'd get another stroller, and with my second the exact opposite.

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