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kristin0909 says:
"The best stroller we could have chosen"
and gives the Stokke Xplory V5

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The best stroller we could have chosen

  • Spacious seat
  • Covers can be changed according to the season, a big plus for me 👍
  • The stroller is very handy in narrow aisles, perfect for shopping malls or city streets
  • The whole stroller is height adjustable so you can adjust the height to suit you
  • It is the only stroller that can be easily folded down to walk up the stairs nicely
  • Closable shopping bag
  • The changing bag attaches to the chassis, fits on the chassis and doesn't weigh down the handle
  • The accessories are well thought out - the rain cover fits beautifully and covers the whole seat nicely, despite the sturdy bar through the middle
  • About the accessories: the footmuff fits nicely in the seat, does not slide at all and is not too bulky
  • The front wheels can hardly handle snow, I do not recommend the xplory model for snow

A great city stroller that can handle some terrain. The baby seat is amazing, but the footrest is better on the new V6 version. The V5 is 1.5kg lighter than the V4, thanks to the new wheels. Overall, I think it's the best stroller we could have chosen. It suits us very well.

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