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It is everything I was looking for


I really like this stroller; it is everything I was looking for, very practical and simple.

The design is beautiful, simple with good proportions. The size is perfect if you are looking for compact strollers, not as big as ordinary strollers, but big enough for the baby to enjoy the ride.

The canopy is really great. It protects the baby’s body from the sun almost fully.

The sports seat can be turned in both directions very easily, even when the baby is inside. The backrest can also be very easily modified.

The handle is adjustable at a few angles and it is enough for me. The basket is really spacious and can carry above 10 kg.

You can easily remove the fabric and wash it in the machine.

It squeaks sometimes, but I don't mind.

Okay while it lasted

  • Height adjustable handle
  • Compatible travel system with iZi Go car seat
  • Big canopy UPF 50+
  • Flimsy plastic - the toddler canopy needs two hands to bring down delicately, the foot rest gave way once when my 18mo struggled to get in
  • Shallow seat
  • Poor maneuvering mechanism - the front wheels became very difficult to turn as my child got bigger (heavier)
  • Poorly designed basket - boasts to be able to hold 10kg -- tried with some groceries and the basket sagged and obstructed the wheel
  • No suspension, foam wheels -- uncomfortable ride
  • No canopy window to see baby
  • I got it when it was just launched and it broke after 1+ years of ownership (of which only 3+ months of daily usage due to covid and lockdown during baby's early days)

It was okay... while it lasted.

A fail from Stokke

  • Size
  • Breaks easily
  • Bad suspension
  • Wriggly
  • Footrest doesn't click

The stroller is of poor quality. Very ”plastic-y”. Ours has many problems after very little use. Now we will receive a new Beat stroller and I expect the same poor quality. No wonder this was discontinued almost immediately after launch. A fail from Stokke.

  • style - the black color is sooo elegant and good looking
  • child's view & comfort
  • solid, puncture-free wheels
  • basket
  • lightweight
  • reversible
  • no suspension
  • I'd make the leg rest longer

I am generally happy with it. It is agile, lightweight, and with a reversible seat. The suspension is similar to the Xplory - practically nonexistent. But I wasn't expecting much in that department. The seat itself is spacious even for a toddler, even though the leg rest could be longer, truth to be told. I like the solid wheels (no punctures), the cool canopy, and the child is nice and high - and comfortable. For urban use, I can recommend it.

  • Compact and folds quickly
  • Reversible seating
  • Lightweight
  • Spacious basket
  • An excellent push on any road/sidewalk, but also grass and light terrain
  • Not a mountain kind of pram - to push it on gravel is not the easiest

We own this pushchair for 3 months and we're happy with it so far 🙂

  • Large basket
  • Chassis color
  • Large hood
  • Wheels
  • The whole stroller 🤣
  • Squeaking
  • Backrest and leg rest adjustment
  • Weak, thin plastics
  • Price
  • No suspension
  • Wheels wobbling
  • Locking of the front wheels doesn't work

The Stokke brand is a brand I truly love. But the Stokke Beat is truly a flop.

The front wheels locking didn't work from the beginning. I used the warranty, but they couldn't easily swap it - no spare parts ready, I had to leave the pushchair there for service 🤦🏼‍♀️).

The stroller also squeaks horribly. The plastics are weak, thin. The push feels hard; I feel no suspension they mention it should be having. The wheels are made from rubber, which is good - they will last long. Half-year use doesn't show on them at all. But they do wobble when the stroller is not fully loaded.

Chassis-wise, the handlebar makes cracking noises in the joints, The lacquer/color of the chassis is great, no scratching whatsoever 👍🏼

The leg rest didn't always stop where it should when adjusted - I had to get used to it for a longer time to put it there "rightly". Also, it falls down when the child pushes against it 🤭

The backrest didn't hold in all the positions and slid down to laying position at times.

The basket is nice and spacious; it can hold up even a big load of shopping.

I regret the money I paid for it, and I ended up selling it for almost nothing.

  • Lightweight
  • Beautiful design
  • Large shopping basket
  • Easy to fold and store
  • Legrest not getting in place as it should
  • Weak suspension
  • Solid wheels; bumpy ride on cobblestones
  • Some parts feel too fragile and plastic

Overall I'm happy with the Beat, but some important details (to me) are missing or too weak. Otherwise, I would definitely recommend this stroller and give it 10/10.

Leg rest is a little bit too short - in comparison to the backrest.
Due to weak suspension and solid wheels, there's a quite shaky driving experience on cobblestones, pavements/gravel, and in city parks with gravel roads.
Leg rest feels plastic and fragile and doesn't always lock properly.

It's easy to fold and store in the apartment or in the car.

The foot brake is easy to use, and you never have to push it up to release it, ie white sneakers friendly 👍😊

  • Lightweight
  • Nice folding
  • Maneuverability
  • This is subjective - I like this recline system when the child in the fully reclined position is kind of protected (like in a bunker)
  • Relatively large shopping basket
  • The leg rest doesn't feel sturdy enough, but time will tell if it works ok, and it is just looking so...
  • Thin canopy fabric
  • The backrest also seems a bit thin, but now, in winter and a footmuff, I don't take it as a problem, and in the summer, I will anyway use some kind of seat liner
  • The basket material looks like a very basic mesh - but if it withstands my shopping, I don't really mind (just a first impression of the basket)

A lightweight urban stroller. I don't own it very long yet, but at first sight, after having a Bugaboo Fox, it feels like a toy in my hands - but I think it just takes some getting used to, and I hope all will hold as it should :-)

I found it too harsh on bad terrain - not much suspension there... Squeaks without getting lubrication, front wheels don't sit sturdily in their place, while the lock of the wheels not always works... and the plastics also not sturdy enough - seat, canopy feel like they might get broken if manipulated with any kind of force... And that leg rest - not getting in place as it should, I sometimes have to adjust it 5 times to finally get it to hold in the upper position.

I am actually sorry for buying this one - I can say I almost hate it 🤭😂 Funnily, my friend has the same model, and she loves it.

So much money and me being through 30 pushchairs already - this is one of the worst.

I find it very beautiful and practical, but I somehow cannot understand the use of plastic. Some joints just seem too loose or fragile, and the leg rest is just too weak for my taste. I am somewhat worrying all the time I will break it if using it too much. And the leg rest also doesn't go to a completely flat, horizontal position - it is always "slouched" downwards a little.

Overall, I love the idea of the Beat, and I love to use it, but those weak points just need some more work to get to the level of the other Stokke strollers.

I have it only for a few days. Compared to the Trailz, which I had as well, the comfort of the ride is a bit lower - less suspension, harder ride. The size of the seat is great - my almost 1m tall daughter is ok height as well as width-wise. Fuss-free backrest adjustment, one-handed. The leg rest adjustment is, however, a bit too delicate for my taste (not sturdy enough). It is more lightweight than the Trailz but heavier than my other pushchair (Valco Snap 4 Sport).

It can go through grass or stones rather easily, but you will feel it. It is also because the wheels are solid, non-inflatable. Since it's my first one without the air wheels, I cannot really compare, but the wheels don't seem to pick up gravel in the foam. I can push it with one hand without any problem, but as my DD weights circa 16 kg, I do feel I have to push it. The front part of the chassis creaked from the beginning, but it was really cold outside, and I haven't gotten to lubricate the wheels. Overall, the chassis feels sturdy enough.

I only really mind the leg rest, which seems quite fragile. It could be less plastic-y to withstand when the child pushes into it or stands on it...

The shopping basket is super-large, with very nice accessibility. It is sturdy and high enough not to get scratched when getting up curbs 🙂The canopy holds in place, even though the joints are a bit stiff there. Sometimes, I need to pull on the left as well as the right side - otherwise, only one would move forward...

  • weight
  • beautiful, really BEAUTIFUL design
  • compactness
  • space for the child
  • canopy (carrycot as well as the seat unit)
  • maneuverability (you need to find the right height of the handlebar at first, but then it pushes very easily)
  • even though made out of foam, the wheels are quite high-quality
  • suspension could be better
  • wheels ok for the city, but not too much for any worse terrain
  • I feel like there's too much plastic (joints etc.)
  • pushing is better with the seat unit facing forward than backward

As an urban mom, I love this stroller. It is lightweight, maneuvers well (when you set the handlebar to a perfect-for-you position, otherwise it may seem harder at first), and it is spacious yet compact after folding. I would not get it for somebody who tackles bad terrain daily, but otherwise, it pushes well, and we had no problems even on more difficult roads. And I am thrilled about that awesome canopy!

Top for me are the basket, the hood, and the comfort for my baby. The reclined position is really flat, and the upright position is really upright! My son loves this, and I am happy that he's happy. Also, I have to say the pushchair looks great. I would make the wheels bigger, though. Also, I somehow expected the fabrics (and overall materials used) to be 'thicker' or so.

  • Lightweight
  • Great to push
  • Basket space
  • Less sturdy
  • More urban

I think of it as the next version of the Scoot, which it replaces. I was trying only it out, but it felt somehow less "high quality" than it's older brother - this would probably be because of the reducing of the weight. On the other hand, it was much more lightweight and better to push. For city parents (it is also targeted for daddies, as I noticed, which seems to be a great idea), I think it will be a perfect fit.

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