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Steph says:
"Heavy yet feels a bit flimsy"
and gives the Silver Cross Wave

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Heavy yet feels a bit flimsy

  • Fits through doors
  • Fabrics feel nice
  • Heavy
  • Main seat and tandem not interchangeable
  • Every seat needs a separate attachment
  • Suspension

Heavy yet feels a bit flimsy and the design is lacking. I don’t think I could handle a steep hill with both children in. The main issue I have is that the main seat and tandem seat are not interchangeable, so in different scenarios I’ve had to opt for one over the other because I have a car seat with me or I have the bassinet with me and it just one more thing to think about.

If you’re buying this stroller, buy all the additional parts with the initial purchase because SC change the colours all. The. Time.

We have a 2yo and a 4mo who are on the bigger side and my oldest is basically too big for the seat - the harness barely fits and the foot rest doesn’t fold down very far so she’s a bit uncomfortable.

I wish I hadn’t gone for the bucket seat, it just means that folding the stroller effectively does nothing for space saving. I can’t fit the chassis, main seat and tandem seat in the boot of my car and I have a pretty big car.

If the heavier child goes in the tandem seat, facing forward, it makes it quite hard to push.

The fabrics and finish feel nice.

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