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  • Looks very pretty
  • Falls apart after a few months

The stroller is great when new, but after 4 months it squeaks, the screw falls out of the wheel repeatedly and the zipper is broken - so for me, it's a no... but it looks great.

The only usable part on this is the bassinet. Large, pretty. The frame started squeaking after 4 days of use, but I could survive it... But the seat unit is the most horrible thing I ever saw. It cost us 800 and I had to swap the pushchair immediately after transitioning to the seat part. They will show it off nicely in the shop, but I wouldn't recommend it to anyone.

This is one gorgeous-looking stroller. The carrycot is spacious, which is great, mainly for a winter baby. I haven't got that many reproaches - except for that that after two months, the zipper connecting the carrycot and the canopy broke. Happens, but it would be better if it didn't. The pram is not the lightest one, but it's manageable.

A big minus is also the fact that it doesn't fold with the seat attached. It's good for terrain, but I had a feeling that after two weeks of such use, it got looser and not that sturdy. But as I hear from others, this happens with other brands as well. So I rate it as an alright choice, but I swapped it for something lighter and more compact.

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