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I do love the retro design, and it also passes so well through our not-that-perfect countryside terrain. The carrycot adds a modern twist to the classic look of the pram; it is of average size, which I find to be enough. I loved the extendable carrycot hood - not all prams do have that. We used the carrycot for circa six months, and after that, my little one anyway wanted to see the world better - so we moved to the seat unit.

The seat is nice in size, and I think it will last even for a bigger child. I do feel, however, that the pushchair mode is a bit cumbersome and doesn't drive as smooth as the pram configuration. It just seems to be heavier and weirder to drive, mainly if on normal surfaces, streets, or in shops... also, I cannot say I love this hood as much as the one on the carrycot. I think we will keep it for a bit more time, and then only for harsh terrain, and we will get something smaller and more compact better suitable for a toddler.

For what it is, and the price as well, I must say it is one of the better and very stylish choices.

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