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lk59 says:
"An indestructible tank, absolutely useless in the city though"
and gives the Red Castle Shop’n Jogg Disc II

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  • Sturdy
  • Handles difficult and challenging terrain (including mountain terrain)
  • Spacious
  • A short canopy through which the sun shines
  • Small basket
  • No upright position, only half sitting
  • Large
  • Bulky

An indestructible tank. What we needed it for, it did perfectly. I.e. difficult terrain, hills, snow, mud, forest...

It's absolutely useless in the city though. It's big; it hardly fits between the shelves in the shop or on public transport. It can fit a 6-year-old child or even more children at the same time, and it can handle a slight overload.

The basket is very small, the position is only semi-sitting, so if the child wants to see fully, it has to hold on to the belly bar without leaning on the backrest. It is possible to adjust the footrest, but the positions are quite strange, none of them is traditional for sitting. Everywhere the legs are as if they were raised, as if in a napping position.

The canopy is short and the wind blows in from each side, and the sun shines in in the same way. The sun visor, on the other hand, completely obscures the child's view in case it is not asleep and wants to look around. But it is ideal for terrain. Not for regular strolling.

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