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jeny266 says:
"Too bad I won't give it 10 points just because of the seat part"
and gives the Peg-Pérego Book Plus XL

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  • Lightweight, foldable with one hand
  • Super large carrycot
  • Superb car seat
  • Large storage basket
  • Cool one-handed operation
  • Perfectly shaped handle
  • Spacious seat
  • Both forward and rear-facing seat
  • Not a bit of suspension is felt
  • Squeaked - stopped completely after oiling
  • In the seat, the child slides down

I have the whole 3 in 1 system. Too bad I won't give it 10 points just because of the seat part.

The carrycor is absolutely TOP! The best I've seen - size, sturdiness, canopy, detachable from the chassis, materials, ability to use as a cradle when removed from the chassis - just totally awesome, and spacious too.

The car seat is also TOP - it has sides around the head, which not many car seats have (I've seen quite a few). The baby's head is really well protected. It's roomy, has a newborn insert, and can be used as a highchair on the go if needed while baby is not sitting :-)

Minus 2 points were taken because of the Pop Up seat. The canopy is fine, and the seating space (height/width), too, but it has one flaw - the leg positioning is unstable and my baby kept sliding off it. As long as he was lying down it was ok, but if he was sitting up (even in the footmuff) I still had to straighten him up all the time.

The chassis is super foldable; completely unsprung, though, so you can hear some rattling. Mine didn't squeak because we took care of it and oiled it regularly with WD40.

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