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ShellBell says:
"Would I buy it again? Absolutely not!"
and gives the Nuna Triv

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Would I buy it again? Absolutely not!

  • Basket Big - holds lots
  • Looks good
  • Folds with footmuff attached
  • Curbs - it doesn’t like them
  • Restraints not long enough
  • Wheels too small

I’ve had the Nuna Triv for a little over 2 years. Thankfully it’s not used daily as I’m Nana. Anyway I bought it for its size as it needs to go in & out of the boot & because it scored extremely highly on Which. Well don’t trust Which quite so much now. In many ways it’s a lovely pushchair. Padded, big basket, forward & parent facing. Easy to fold - though it does get stuck sometimes when trying to get the seat to fold forwards for folding. Would I buy it again? Absolutely not! The big bugbears, and why I wouldn’t buy again are…

It doesn’t like going down curbs at all. The front wheels often get stuck the wrong way round when you hit the tarmac & it’s extremely difficult to get the pushchair moving again. So your child is stuck in the road & you’re struggling to move them swiftly across. The only way to avoid this, is to lift on the back wheels & bump the back wheels down the curb. Even then you can find the front wheels stick in the wrong position sometimes as you put them down again & you’re back to square one. And it doesn’t do your back any good especially as baby turns to toddler.

Secondly the magnetic straps are nice and it’s easy to move them up & down BUT by the time my grandchild was 2 they just weren’t long enough! Even at the full extend you can get. So the only way to buckle them up was to have the straps over the arms instead of shoulders. Add a thick jumper or coat & things are even worse. Toddlers are not keen on having their arms pinned to their sides.

Thirdly... and this is a niggle as opposed to a reason not to buy... because the wheels are small I guess, they get grit or mud stuck in them all the time. It just doesn’t shift & is difficult to dislodge. And no I don’t go anywhere extreme. Just the park.

I can’t believe Which have scored this so highly and I notice they’ve scored the updated Triv Next just as high. Unless they’ve updated / extended the straps on the Triv Next, I’d certainly avoid that one too.

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