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Soňa says:
"I find it dangerous"
and gives the Nestor Active

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I find it dangerous

  • looks nice, but that's about it
  • unstable
  • it creaks and wiggles
  • small uncomfortable seat
  • can also injure oneself when being folded
  • cannot be locked when folded or unfolded, again dangerous
  • the front wheels do not fit well on the ground when driving, they are also stiff
  • the stroller is generally difficult to handle
  • I rate it as unsafe

Hello, I bought this stroller second hand and after one day of riding it is clear to me that the manufacturer can't possibly be serious about this. The Nestor Active Linen has an unstable design, it twists when turned and at the slightest irregularity on the pavement I felt like the stroller would tip over.

It looks gorgeous, which is why I got carried away, but it doesn't compare to an all-terrain stroller and I don't recommend it for the city either, I find it dangerous.

The seat for the little one is small, ours is ten months old and fits just about right, plus the seat is uncomfortable (it is designed in a U shape under the bum). The seat is in a completely inappropriate position, this combination definitely does not help the proper development of the spine.

The front wheels do not sit on the ground when handling the stroller, again very dangerous, obviously no one has considered the centre of gravity of the stroller. All in all: this is a parody of a stroller, even the most ordinary buggies have a more solid and stable construction!

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