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belmonka says:
"I'll definitely keep it for the next child"
and gives the Moon Scala

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  • Manipulation
  • Folding
  • Bassinet size
  • Adjustable handle
  • Large storage space
  • Large bassinet surface
  • Foam wheels, puncture-proof
  • Hood at the right angle, shadowing enough
  • You cannot detach the hood of the bassinet
  • Bassinet doesn't incline

The Moon Scala 2019 is a great stroller for the city and the countryside. We go with him to the mountains to visit my in-laws, so it has tasted terrain many times. The bassinet is big, the little one was in it up to 10 months of age, it has more than the enough shadow thanks to the angle angle and it folds and unfolds great, and I am an anti-technician. The handle is adjustable and the storage space can also carry boxes for the post office. It has a great sun visor.

The only minus - the bassinet is not inclinable, its hood is not detachable, which would be appreciated by a child on its belly, as mine does not want to just lie down and look into the bassinet hood, but outside. Hopefully the next version will improve in this.

Summary: I'll definitely keep it for the next child, I'm happy with it 🌞

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