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vonrataj says:
"One hand is all it takes"
and gives the Maxi-Cosi Nova 4

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One hand is all it takes

The stroller handles beautifully - 360° rotation on the spot, which I appreciate very much. I can control it comfortably with one hand. We are still using the bassinet, i.e. Vicky is 6 months old and still fits in it with a footmuff, which I was quite worried about (how long the deep one will last). The deep carrycot has a snap-on sun visor, it can either be fully retracted inside the carrycot or pulled out as needed. However, I don't think it is sufficient for direct sun and I used it in the summer along with a diaper. However, I appreciate the handle on the bassinet which makes it easy to manipulate.

Getting the basinet on/off the chassis, even a seat or car seat, is easy. You simply snap the aforementioned on and when you want to take it off, the chassis has two buttons on the sides. You simply press and remove. Again, one hand is all it takes.

The chassis has a figure-of-eight suspension type, so the weight of the stroller is directed to its centre. The stroller is suitable for off-road use. We have tested city cobbles as well as mountain and forest paths. Okay, we'll probably take it everywhere, but don't expect the baby to not move in the bassinet. You'll look in vain for a roomy, deep basket on the chassis. You'll have to make do with a smaller but cleverly designed basket that has at least three bungee cords to hold and secure your "cargo". Bear in mind that there isn't as much space under the bassinet as under a seat/car seat. However, I can fit my 5,5kg dog in it :)

Folding is great. There is no need to take the seat off. The chassis can fold itself. You can remove all the wheels, which are foam, so you don't get a puncture anywhere. The only thing that bothered me - I bought the stroller later than the seat, knowing that the stroller comes with adapters compatible with Maxi Cosi seats and also Cybex. I had bought the Cybex and had to change it afterwards = we tried putting it on the chassis after the little one was born, we should have tried before. Which was an unnecessary complication.

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