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CharChar says:
"Really overpriced for what you really get"
and gives the Maxi-Cosi Lila

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  • Mosquito mesh
  • Soft "mattress"
  • heavy
  • collapses all the time (unsafe)
  • storage basket collapses when you put a bag at the bottom
  • storage basket already fell out when I walked up a hill
  • expensive
  • bad steering (honestly terrible)
  • hard to fold(since mine is broken from day1)
  • almost inexistent peekaboo window

The stroller collapsed several times with my baby in it and luckily I had an arm handle attached (which does not come with the stroller), otherwise, my baby would have gone into the road! The wire came out of the mesh after having it for only 2 weeks. The stroller won't fold, it's heavy, the steering is absolutely terrible compared to strollers of my friends, the storage bag keeps collapsing when you put a bag at the bottom, and an almost inexistent PEEKABOO WINDOW!!!

Really overpriced for what you really get, won't recommend it at all! Stroller is in for repairs since it won't fold...

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